Q: What is the contact information for the camp?
A: Phone: 856-845-7353, Fax: 856-845-1684, Email: dscsummercamp@gmail.com

Q: Is the building closed to the public during camp?
A: Yes, during summer camp hours we are completely closed to the public.

Q: What is the camper to staff ratio?
A: Pre-K and Kindergarten camper ratio is 6 campers to 1 counselor and 1st grade and older is 10 campers to 1 counselor.

Q: Are there a minimum number of days?
A: Yes, there is a minimum 12 days, which can be spread out through the summer.

Q: Are there half day rates?
A: We do not offer half day pricing, but you can drop off and pick up your children anytime throughout the day. Example: they have a dentist appointment at 10am, drop them off after!

Q: Do you accept Rutgers/Quality Care Vouchers?
A: No, we do not accept vouchers, we do however offer many towns a discount on tuition, ask if your town applies!

Q: What is your Tax ID Number?
A: Our Tax ID number is 824 329 035

Q: Do you accept teenagers to be CITs (counselors in training)
A: No, we don’t use any counselors in training. All of our camp staff are a minimum of 18 years old and have had previous experience with children.

Q: Do I have to pay all money up front?
A: No, tuition payments are made each Wednesday by 9am for the following week, however field trip payment must be paid for in full when selected.

Q: What happens if my child does not want to attend the field trips?
A: Campers that do not attend field trips will stay at the camp and proceed with their normal day full of fun activities.

Q: What happens if my child is signed up for a field trip and is sick that day or doesn’t want to attend the trip?
A: If you decide not to send your child on a trip that you previously paid for you can cancel but there are no refunds or substitutions for days or trips.

Q: Do the campers go outside?
A: Yes, campers do go outside on a daily basis as long as the weather permits. We recommend applying sunscreen each morning before camp!IMG_6598

Q: If my child is sick or does not attend camp for a day I signed up for do I receive a refund or credit?
A: No, there are no refunds, credits, or substitutions for any reason.

Q: What grade group will my child be be in?
A: Campers are placed in the grade that they just completed before the summer, our youngest campers who have no started Pre-K yet will be place in the Pre-K group.