Field Trip Guidelines

All Campers Attending a Field Trip Must Be Dropped Off By 9:00am
with all required items for that days trip.

Field Trip Forms

  • Field Trip Enrollment Contracts are due by May 10
  • Payment must be paid in full when submitting field trip form
  • There are no refunds, credits, or substitutions on field trips
  • Parents are not permitted to attend field trips with our camp
  • When signing in your child at the front desk please make sure the sign in sheet indicates that your child is going on the trip for that day.
  • Campers attending field trips must arrive at camp by 9:00am ready to go. Campers who arrive after 9:01am will not be permitted to attend the trip. No exceptions and no refunds.
  • If your child does not bring a bathing suit on a water/swim trip, they will not be permitted to attend the trip. You will not receive a credit for the trip. You will receive an incident report at the end of the day. We are not able to contact each parent while getting the campers ready for the trip to have them bring their bathing suits.
  • If your child does not have his/her camp shirt the day of the trip we can provide them a shirt with immediate payment ($6.00 per camp shirt)
  • Brown Bag lunches are available each morning for $3.00 at a set menu. Campers are not able to purchase lunch at a field trip but can buy one in the morning if you don’t want to pack or forget!
  • Please be sure to check your child’s schedule before they come to camp so they are not disappointed when they find out they are not scheduled to attend the trip.

Swim Trip Info:

Once a week, we offer each grade the opportunity to go on a swimming trip to
Chartwell Swim Club, Marlton, NJ

Swim trips are an additional fee of $12.50 per day.

*All Field trips rules apply. Campers must be at the facility by 9:00 am to attend swim trips.

*Campers must arrive in their bathing suits with a towel to attend the field trip. They must have a change of clothes in their camp bag for when they return to the DSC. All campers should have sunscreen applied before they come to camp. If your child does not have their bathing suit they will not be permitted to attend the trip and you will not receive a refund for the trip.

*Campers must bring their lunch and a drink with them on swimming days. We do not provide lunch.

PK and K campers will swim in the smaller wading pool and splash park area, they are not permitted in the larger pool. Campers in grades 1st – 8th grade will use the larger pool. Campers in 2nd-8th must pass a swim test if they would like to go in the deeper water, or use the water slide, PK-1st are not able to take the swim test.

The Test*: The test consists of swimming across the pool (approx. 30 ft.) and being able to comfortably tread water. The children do not have to know specific swim strokes, but they do need to show that they are able to swim safely. The test is conducted by a Chartwell Swim Club Lifeguard, and overseen by our Trip Director. All campers, 2nd-8th, that attend the swim trips will be offered the swim test the first day that they go swimming.

Passing the Test:  Once a camper passes the test, they will be given a blue colored band each time they attend the swim trip that allows them to go into the deeper water and use the slides.

Not Passing the Test: If they do not pass the test, they must wait 30 days to retake the test. Occasionally, campers have off days due to being nervous about the test even though they are able to swim.  So if you feel that your child should have passed the test, please contact us and we will retest them again the next time they go.  Campers that do not pass the test can swim in the three foot end of the pool.

*Please note that campers that have passed the test in prior years do not need to retake the test.