Daily Activities

Many new camp parents ask “What do they do there?” or “Do they skate all day?”

Below is a guideline to help explain how a day of camp is run ūüôā

Signing In Рyou and your camper will be greeted at our front desk.  Please remember to sign in, pickup weekly newsletter, and check out any information on the front desk.  Front desk personnel will show you where to signfront desk in.  Please remember that the front desk gets busy in the morning, if you have any questions, you can always email the camp administrator, or call anytime.   Your camper will continue to go to the snack bar area, which is supervised by our wonderful counselors.

Morning Extended Care is from 7am-9am. Between 7:00 and 8:00 our campers can enjoy many activities, such as, playing board games, watch TV, or play on the funzone. At 8:00, our counselors will open up the skating floor.  The floor will be divided into 2 sections, the front section will be for PK-2nd, and the other half will be for 3rd -8th. Counselors will organize a game for the campers to play.  Also, at this time, we offer a quiet area call Tutor Time. Cereal and milk  is available to purchase if you are running late and your child forgot to eat. Cereal available until 8:45.

Tutor Time РEveryday between 8:00-8:45 Рwe have an area designated for Tutor Time. This is an opportunity for your child to keep up with their school work.   Parents must sign up each morning, at the front desk and provide work for campers to do. A counselor who is in the field of education, or studying to be in the field of education, will supervise.  There is no one on one tutoring, and we do not guarantee any results, this is a time only for your child to do summer work and ask questions if they need help.download (9)

Roll call starts promptly at 9:00.  Campers will be asked to go onto the skating floor, where their grade level numbers are located.  The campers go under their grade level number so that the counselors can take attendance.  At this time, the campers will order their lunch and receive a red allergies wristbands if needed. *If your child has allergies please make sure it is very clear on the Health and Wellness forms (Please refer to our lunch menu for our daily and lunch special of the day).  Once this is completed, all campers will meet in the center of the floor and form a circle, a counselor will lead the campers in a morning cheer, inform what specials are going on that day, theme day activities, jokes, recognize birthdays, reinforce camp rules and camper/counselors challenges. IMG_5852

Also during roll call, any campers going on a trip will meet at their designated area.  Trip attendance and information is provided at this time to the campers. All trip attendees must be at camp by 9:00!  Final trip organization will be done promptly at this time and then they will load buses and leave.   There are no exceptions for late arrivals going on the trip!

Daily Schedule –¬†¬† After roll call each grade level goes to their own area to start their daily activities, they will rotate areas every 45 minutes with their assigned grade level. Counselors will facilitate an organized game, art activity, sporting activity, play in the Funzone or video game room.¬† During this time we also may have special guest performers who put on shows for the campers.¬† Please check calendars for these activities.

Lunches begin at 11:00am for our PK, K, 1st grades, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade at 11:30 and 5,-8th graders at 12:00. Lunch is included unless your child is attending a field trip/swim trip. Second lunch can be purchased for $2IMG_1857

Afternoon cheer is at 12:30, at this time we recognize the ‚ÄúCampers of the Day‚ÄĚ, campers from each grade level who have shown positive behavior, respect for others and their counselors, have done something in a positive way at camp.¬† We also go over what the theme day will be the next day, as well as future camp activities. Once again, we will talk about the rules of the camp.

Free Time РEvery day from 12:45-2:45 all campers from 1st-8th will enjoy free time.   PK and K have daily curriculum until 1:30, then will join free time. During this period campers may choose from the following activities:  roller skating, arcade machines, inflatable, funzone, board games, video room, and socialization. Roller skates and skate mates are provided with no additional charge.  Your child may wish to bring in money to play the arcade games, purchase items from the stuff shop, food from our snack bar or vending machines.

Camp Bank (spending money). If you wish to leave your child some spending money, please put your child’s download (10)spending money in an envelope (available at the front desk if you need one) with their first and last name. Spending money will be given out at approximately 1:00. We ask that you discuss with your child what is permitted to spend their money on during free time. If you would like to set a daily limit, please write this on the envelope.¬† WE CANNOT MONITOR THE SPENDING HABITS OF EACH CAMPER.¬† Please do not have your child keep money in their bags, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen money.

Snack begins at 3:00 with PK, K, 1st grade, 3:20 with 2, 3, 4th grade, 3:40 with 5, 6, 7, 8th graders. Snack varies, so please check the lunch menus.  Campers will have a choice between pudding and the snack of the day.

If your child does not like the lunch/snack of the day or is often hungry and wants more to eat, you can provide extra food for them. Campers will put their lunch/snack in a cubby so make sure it is labeled or in a bag.  We cannot heat or refrigerate any lunch or snack so pack accordingly.

Afternoon Extended Care is from 4:30-6:00, this time is run like morning extended care. This is when campers start to get picked up for the day. Make sure you stop at the front desk, sign out your child and you must show photo ID. If your child’s name is highlighted this means we have a note for you, make sure you ask the front desk staff for this. They will call your child over the loud speaker to get their things and the campers will come to the front. Please be patient at this time, it may take your child a few minutes to gather their belongings.

*Camp Special Days Рour camp Calendar is available on our website, as well as in the packet you were given when you registered your child.  Please refer to the calendar to help your child participate in the theme day. Also, listed will be our guest appearance and field trips.  There will be a daily reminder at the front desk, as well as in our weekly newsletter.

*Water Splash Days Рthis takes place outside in our backyard.  Water inflatables, water balloons, and water games will be played. download (5) PK,K,1st and 2nd will be outside first 9:15-10:15. 3rd-8th 10:30-11:30.

Here are a few important items to remember to ensure your child has fun on Water Splash Day: Campers must come to camp with their bathing suits on and sunscreen applied. Campers must bring a change of clothes and a towel. Any campers who does not come to camp prepared will not be able to participant in water activities, an alternative activity will be provided.